DS51k1an DCC++EX

sidney Jul 29, 2022

  1. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    If you're having the typical issue of Digitrax accessory decoders not working after the bus has been shorted (and perhaps you tried to send them a command while it was shorted), they just lost their programming. Program their address again, and they'll be fine. Pain in the a$$, but a cheap, if temporary, fix.

    My layout-in-progress is small enough (HCD) that I can reach all of my switches okay. But I am considering eventually controlling them through JMRI via DCC or LCC.
  2. sidney

    sidney TrainBoard Member

    Thanks Andy i have not tried to reprogram yet. ive been heavily involved in building a portable self contained command station for my test track.
    im still waiting on motor shields and the nce switch kat to arrive plus some other odds and ends.
    I think im gunna wait till i get the switch kat before i reprogram that turn out then test the switch kat at that time.

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