DPU in Texas

DocGeoff Jun 2, 2007

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    A few days ago I saw a picture of one of the new paint job units on the headend of a hopper train pulling what appears to be new hoppers. I looked at the picture and it was familiar. Then I remembered! Last Saturday I spotted a single unit on the main outside of Robstown, TX pulling a long string of new hoppers. Not the twins in the picture and the new paint loco was gone. When I came back from Alice, TX the train was just then moving and as I rolled past there was a DPU on the end. KCS must have dumped the new SD70 when they hit the flat ground of South Texas. So far I have not been able to catch any of the newly painted units, but I keep looking. They bypass Corpus Christi usually and I don't get south far enough to catch the Laredo bound trains at Robstown.

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