Double Figure 8 New Layout Idea

Massey Jun 1, 2020

  1. Maletrain

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    An 8 mm pen under a 9" piece of track calculates to 3.5% grade, depending on exactly where the pen is positioned. Kato track sections are actually 9.75" (248 mm), so even with the pen positioned at the very end, the incline would still be 3.2%.
  2. John Moore

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  3. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    Good to know, and it climbed it fine. Now if it had a full string of 12 cars on it, it may not have been too happy.
  4. nd-rails

    nd-rails TrainBoard Member

    At the risk of adding redundancy, it's also cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use the global packaging wastes of polystyrene and others to shape and customise yourself. I've never had a problem getting free sheets or pieces from tradesmen and stores overrrun with the stuff. cheers
    davew (45 years in the plastics shaping world of models)
  5. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    Hey guys! Just wanted to chime in and give an update to those who have helped me out on this project.

    Lately I have been so stupid busy with my side gig of fixing motorcycles and other power sport fun stuff (Sea-doos, and quads), that I have not had time to do anything with trains at all. But I have had time to ponder some things about my layout wants and needs. Well what I want is a layout large enough that my TGV trains at full speed and look like they are going slow. But since I cant afford a building the size of a WalMart I'm stuck with what I got. I have a few T-Trak modules that could be arranged into a layout and I have thought about doing that with return loops, but that only gets me a few feet of modules with the limited space I have... bummer once again. But doing the T-Trak modules also gave me the idea of using Ikea shelving as the benchwork, and that may just work out for this setup as well. Their IVAR line would suit my needs perfectly and while I am good at woodworking, having some one build all the pieces for me where all I have to do is assemble it sounds kinda nice for once!

    My main want in this is to run my passenger trains and have stops for them. I am not against freight, but my stock in both cars and engines is limited at the moment. For a small layout like I am planning on building a 4 axle loco would be best... I have none... I only have 6 axle units, and I cant seem to find the GP38-2s I want for a price I'm willing to pay. (I used to have a whole mess of them in HO scale) So here I am again LOL. Hopefully after the 4th things will be where I can build something. I will keep you informed.
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  6. Sumner

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    I picked up 2 this past year -- UP's...

    2059 EMD GP38-2 Kato 176-015 DC 08-19-19 – Ebay - $32 – Came DC

    2142 EMD GP38-2 Walthers/Life-Like DC 01-18-20 – Ebay – $46 – Came DC

    I'll have to add decoders to both but they seem to run to my standards on DC right now. There are a few now in similar price ranges but don't know which road name you are after...

    Last year I found most all of the loco's I wanted used in the $25-$60 range but now it seems the prices have taken a jump. Not sure if stimulus checks have had anything to do with that or not,

  7. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    I am looking for NS or any of the Heritage BNSF schemes (Orange ones). I would not mind a grey, blue and yellow CSX either. I have not really decided on a region for my layout yet but having both east and west coast trains on the layout at different times can give the sense of the Amtrak (my main railroad) being on one coast or the other. My layout though is set in modern times so I don't want anything older than a GP38-2 as they are still on the rails today. Finding one from Tacoma Rail Power would be great but I don't think anyone has made one of those, unless it was a custom job.

    Last time I wondered around the bay site I found Katos (my favorite) going in the $120+ range. and Bachmann going around $40. I dont really trust Bachmann I have had too many HO flops from them in the past. The Atlas offerings also seem to be selling where the Katos are going for so...

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