Digikeijs (Digirails) DR5000

RCMan Jan 23, 2018

  1. RCMan

    RCMan TrainBoard Member

    The UWT-100 Throttle also works with the DR5000.

  2. TrainzLuvr

    TrainzLuvr TrainBoard Member

    Of course it supports the Wi-Throttle protocol, but beside a very slick look and ergonomics, LCC is one of the major reasons the throttle stands out from others.

    I actually made a video about one of the OpenLCB (LCC) features using the throttle in combination with a LCC Command Station running via LCC protocol:

  3. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    I've looked at this system with great interest.

    The main problem for me with it is that the WiFi interface is not capable of connecting to your existing WiFi network. From their user manual:

    It is not possible to connect the DR5000 to your network using the DR5000's internal Wi-Fi module. The DR5000's Wi-Fi connection is intended only for connections to smartphones, tablets, PCs or laptops.​

    What this means is that, in order to connect your devices (phones, laptops, etc.) to it via WiFi, you have to switch them to the DR5000's hot spot WiFi network. While connected to this network, those devices would not have access to internet.

    You can connect the DR5000's (wired) ethernet interface to an ethernet jack on your existing WiFi router, and then you would be able connect your laptops, phones, throttles, etc. via your router's WiFi.

    I ultimately purchased a Pi-SPROG 3 system, which met my less demanding needs. I have it connected via WiFi to my home network, so i don't have to switch my laptop or phones over to a different WiFi network to run trains, and then back again when finished. I originally ran it for a while with it's own WiFi hotspot, and it was a royal PITA.

    Note I am not suggesting the Pi-SPROG3 system is an acceptable alternative to the DR5000 for everyone; I'm just illustrating the impact of the DR5000's WiFi interface limitation.

    Otherwise, this looks like a really nice system.
  4. mtaylor

    mtaylor Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Good to know and good read on the DR5000. It has perked my interest. The TCS Command Station also looks interesting. I currently have a DB150 that I am using as a command station to mess around with my locos and Decoder programming. This is also the command station left over from my former layout. I use to have a DCS200 that I sold off years ago during my hobby hiatus before the most current one. So, I am no immediate need of solution. My current DB150 will most likely end up being used as a command station for a simple layout I am putting together for my son (and shared with dad from time to time as I am layout homeless for probably a couple years yet lol.
  5. Atani

    Atani TrainBoard Member

    It's still nice to see ESP32 CS in this video...
  6. S t e f a n

    S t e f a n TrainBoard Member

    Different question: From what I found so far, it seems an NCE power cab can not be plugged into or be otherwise connected to a DR5000 (except maybe if both connect to a PC running JMRI, but that requires an additional USB interface for the NCE side). Is that correct?
  7. RCMan

    RCMan TrainBoard Member

    That will be available soon. I have a prototype and works well.

    Do not know when it will be available right now.


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