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Danimal Apr 25, 2000

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    The AOW/BNSF Loco Shops can handle one CW44 or SD60 per stall in the shop building. The fuel rack can handle four to six locos total while sanding two. My shop building is scratch built out of Evergreen Styren and the fuel and sand area is pieced together from the Bachmann Kit. (How said Bachmann doesn't know how to make nice stuff?) The track is Peco code 80 Concrete Sleepers. The Car Shops was built before I had any Peco track, so it's laid with Atlas Flex painted to look like Concrete. There's two outside service tracks that will hold six, fifty foot cars and a caboose/ready track that will hold about the same. The track into the shop will hold two fifty's inside and will accomidate three or for on the outside. There's also a "wash-rack" for cleaning cars and loco's. Take a look at the pics of this area on the "Starting Over" topic here on the N-Scale Forum.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Alan:
    I only just received my May/June issue of N Scale mag!!!!!!!!! I think it came by rowing boat [​IMG]


    Not to pour salt into the wound....

    But, we have just received the July/August issue here in the states! Came in the mail yesterday. Look for it soon......maybe.

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