DCC++ on scale G

Rockfalldk Feb 14, 2020

  1. Rockfalldk

    Rockfalldk New Member


    I am just getting into the model Railroad and i bought the Scale G (LINK)

    And then i bought the Massoth eMOTION L decoder. I have installed it into the train and connected the wires accordingly to the manual.
    But when i power on the DCC++ computer and there is power to the tracks the train goes backwards. If i change the polarity on the tracks the train goes backwards. On the JMRI it cannot find the decoder on the train.

    I have tried to change the wiring on the Arduino but it makes no difference.
    Can someone pinpoint me in the correct direction?

    Best regards Ricky.
  2. RandyR

    RandyR TrainBoard Member

    I am new to this too. But I don't think changing the wires on the track will change the directions of the loco. Does the direction change when you change it on the JMRI or the Wifi controller app? If it does change, the at least you know its working both ways but in the wrong direction.

    I would think the motor wire is where it needs change.
  3. Sumner

    Sumner TrainBoard Member


    If you are wired still like you showed above you are wired for the program track only and I don't think you can run a loco on the program track only program it.

    The two middle terminals are for the main where you would run it. Swapping the wires around on either track is not going to change direction as it would if you were running DC as mentioned by Randy.

    Not sure to tell you what to do as far as Decoder Pro, if that is what you are using, not finding a decoder. There was a post I believe not too long ago about that. Look at the posts down the page further maybe.

    Hopefully some others will jump in here and help,


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