DCC++ isn't working, please help

TAJLN Feb 17, 2018

  1. TAJLN

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    Ok so

    I've used the funduino uno and fundumoto shield for dcc++ base station.I connected pin 5 to pin 13 and pin 10 to pin 12. Then I installed the base station program on it, and it seems to be working. I can also connect it to jrmi and use the on/off switch to toggle track power. The lights on fundumoto shield are turning on and off. I was also able to read the decoder from my trix 22274 heavy ore mine loco and got the address 15227.

    Thats about it that works, now the non working part.

    I can read the loco's decoder on motor a and motor b, but i am unable to run the locomotive. When connected to motor a it just stands and does nothing. When connected to motor b when track power on, it detects it as a 4V dc and just starts moving, doesn't seem to respond to any dcc commands. I also provided 12V power supply to funduino uno and it transfers it to fundumoto shield (When connected all the lights shine brighter). I also tried connecting the 12V power supply directly to the fundumoto shield but it doesn't seem to change the 4V track current shown in the jmri.

    Can someone suggest me what to do, i can provide pictures but I am really stuck.

    - Thank you in advance, Tilen
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  2. Michel Goyard

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    My reading of this tread : https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=400519.0 (Sep 18, 2016, 01:44 pm)
    let me think that this shield is not wired like the standard motor shield. According to this, when you connect pin 10 to pin 12 you connect right_motor_direction = 12 to right_motor_PWM = 10. If this is righ, to use this shield, you should edit the cpp or h files. Not easy ...
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  3. SP_fan_1951

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