DCC arduino nano decoder "Brake Sled"

Spike Maul Mar 9, 2019

  1. Spike Maul

    Spike Maul TrainBoard Member

    Hi Folks. I've built an arduino nano based DCC decoder. This hardware
    uses the DCCpp library code (with a minor bug fix for 4 digit addressing)
    to implement a multifunction device. At the moment I have it able to
    toggle the arduino nano led, use the throttle to control a fan, and
    also as the "brake sled." The brake sled is simply a 2 amp load that
    is dumped on the track using a relay. The device is powered off the
    track and jmri is quite happy to control it. No KICAD files yet.
    I'll put more info up on my web site later.... (yawn)


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  2. bocabob

    bocabob TrainBoard Member

    Sounds like a great testing device. I look forward to the details.
  3. Spike Maul

    Spike Maul TrainBoard Member

    I've created a schematic for the dcc brake sled and it can be found on my
    https://dcc.wraith.sf.ca.us/ web site. My inclination for a PC layout is free-form, rather
    than a specific form factor. The jlcpcb fabber lets you have a pretty big board
    at their bottom-feeder pricing. I much prefer power circuits to be laid out "sparsely"
    and not crammed together "power-brick-meltdown" fashion. Cough.
    Spike Maul
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