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  1. jtomstarr

    jtomstarr TrainBoard Member

    All ,

    Does ATLAS have DATA ONLY frEight cars ?

  2. bill pearce

    bill pearce TrainBoard Member

    Aren't those the model train equivalent of buggy whips, CRT televisions, cars with stick shifts?
  3. John Moore

    John Moore TrainBoard Supporter

    I am not sure about Atlas they do have undec cars but MT has some data only cars, or used to.
  4. Thomas Davis

    Thomas Davis TrainBoard Member

    The best answer is probably to contact Atlas and ask directly. I don't have any data only cars of theirs, and don't remember seeing any advertised (at least not for a long time) by Atlas, but my experience should not be taken as definitive.

    I think we may have become too picky, along the lines of "well....I WOULD buy 12 of those if they were just a bit 'browner' shade of mineral red and had the right build and paint dates for my prototype". And as a result, we don't see many data only cars. I think Bluford has done some of their hoppers in black as data only, but as a "species", data only cars seem rare in N scale, and not just Atlas.

    Atlas DOES produce undecs, at least has done so over the years. I have Atlas undecs for USRA boxcars with both original and replacement doors- so I assume undecs are fairly common. It's a little more work, but if you paint them yourself, you get the correct shade of boxcar red or mineral brown or a bonus. And with a good decal set, you will also get the correct data for the prototype you are modeling. And if you model a freelanced road with your own herald, data only decals are available for the "small print".
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  5. JMaurer1

    JMaurer1 TrainBoard Member

    MT used to a long time ago. I don't believe that Atlas ever had them.
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  6. Maletrain

    Maletrain TrainBoard Member

    I know that Atlas did some hoppers as "data only". I have some of their 55 ton fishbelly types, and here is an eBay auction for one of their 90 ton hoppers in "data only'. I don't know if they ever made dat only box cars or other types.
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  7. pmpexpress

    pmpexpress TrainBoard Member

    In addition to the following list of now out-of-production cars that were officially released by Atlas in the 21st century, many years ago (i.e., circa 1980s - 1990s), Aksarben Hobby produced custom decorated special run Atlas 90-Ton 3-Bay Open Hoppers, 3-Bay PS-2 Covered Hoppers, 4-bay ACF Covered Hoppers, and 50' Mechanical Reefers bearing only dimensional data.

    Atlas Trainman 90-Ton Hopper

    April 2006 MSRP $7.25

    32601 Black with White data

    32602 Brown with White data

    January 2009 Release

    40493A MOW Yellow with Black data

    40494A MOW Gray with Black data

    Atlas Master 2-Bay Offset Side Hopper

    October 2009 Release MSRP $16.95

    40837 Black with White data

    40838 Brown with White data

    Atlas Master 55-Ton Fishbelly Hoppers with flat ends

    April 2007 MSRP $14.95

    41291 Black with White data

    41292 Brown with White data

    June 2008 MSRP $15.95

    41293 MOW Gray with Black data

    41294 MOW Yellow with Black data

    July 2017 MSRP $21.95

    50 003 703 Black with White data

    50 003 704 Brown with White data
  8. jtomstarr

    jtomstarr TrainBoard Member

  9. Maletrain

    Maletrain TrainBoard Member

    MicroTrains did produce that type that type of car in "data only", both single door and 1 and 1-1/2 door. They also produced double sheathed versions in both door types.

    But, I have never seen an Atlas data only car like that.
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  10. pmpexpress

    pmpexpress TrainBoard Member

    While Atlas never released their outside braced wood sheathed boxcar with only dimensional data, as Maletrain has pointed out, similar models were previously released by Kadee Micro-Trains in the 1970s.


    Kadee Micro-Trains 28000 Unlettered Dimensional Data 40' Outside Braced Wood Sheathed Single Sliding Door Boxcar - June 1974 Release.


    Kadee Micro-Trains 29000 Unlettered Dimensional Data 40' Outside Braced Wood Sheathed 1 & 1/2 Sliding Door Boxcar - April 1975 Release.

    Later releases of both of these models could be found with black printed paper insert labels, rather than the blue printed ones that were found inside the plastic jewel-boxes of the original issues.
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