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BoxcabE50 Apr 4, 2012

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    I'm hoping you Long Island fans could take a minute and verify my notes below. Do I have these sites correctly identified? These are paperwork items in my collection, so at this point are all the places I need to double check. If there are errors, it is because these names came to me second hand:

    Adams, NY.
    B, Bethpage, NY.
    Babylon, NY.
    BK, Stoney Brook, NY.
    Bliss, (Blissville), Long Island City, NY.
    Brook, Brooklyn, NY.
    CI, Central Islip, NY.
    Divide, Hicksville, NY.
    East Hampton, NY.
    East New York, NY.
    Fremont, (Fresh Pond), Queens, NY.
    Garden, Garden City, NY.
    Greenport, NY.
    Hall, Jamaica, NY.
    HC Tower, Hicksville, NY.
    Hunt 3, Huntington, NY.
    Jay, Jamaica, NY.
    KO, Ronkonkoma, NY.
    Lead, Island Park, NY.
    Locust, Locust Valley, NY.
    Mineola, NY. (MT Tower)
    Montauk, NY.
    MR, Manorville, NY.
    MS, Mastic, NY.
    Nassau, Mineola, NY.
    NP, North Port, NY.
    PD, Patchouge, NY.
    Ozone, (Ozone Park), Queens, NY.
    Park, Floral Park, NY.
    Port, Freeport, NY.
    Port Jefferson, NY.
    Queens, Queens Village, NY.
    Ronkonkoma, NY.
    S, Syosset, NY.
    SG, Brentwood, NY.
    Shea, Queens, NY.
    Southampton, NY.
    SN, Southampton, NY.
    UN, Huntington, NY.
    Valley, Valley Stream, NY.
    Van, Brooklyn, NY.

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    Wow. Tons of info there to digest! I see corrections to make on my list, in location, spelling.

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