Converting DC Loco to DCC Loco Custom!

sams Jan 21, 2021

  1. sams

    sams TrainBoard Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I hope you all have been doing good. I have been enjoying my layout a lot lately and have almost sacrificed my computer for it !! Just kidding. But it is coming together really nicely and I couldn't be happier.

    I wanted to talk today about converting an old DC bachmann UP ??? to a DCC locomotive that will run on my current layout.

    I know the motor is in great shape including the gearing. I've run it in DC mode and it is a flyer !! Very smooth as well. Bachmann made some pretty impressive stuff for the time era.

    Below are some pictures of the old timer. I want to put in a dcc decoder chip and also a small speaker for sound if I am able to. Some milling may be required but no worries I have a few friends at machine shops that can help with that.

    One thing I wanted to ask about was converting the trucks couplers.


    I wanted to make them up to date so they will clash with my current rolling stock. I can come up with a few ways to do it but I figured I would ask for some advice. Maybe someone on here has done it before. I found a lot of info on HO but not much for N scale for this type of conversion.

    Hope to hear some ideas from you Masters of trains !!

    Cheers !



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