Connect DCC++ to DC layout?

MVP Nov 22, 2019

  1. MVP

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    I have not done anything yet, precisely because I know it could destroy a lot of stuff if it's wrong. But TBH I don't have time to search for such an answer to such a specific question.

    I have a DC layout. Small, all old code 80 track, only one siding, and one branch off a circular mainline. Old Atlas switches.

    Question: Can I put the wires from my DCC++ hardware* onto the layout and run DCC locomotives? Or will the switches/sidings cause problems?

    *I made a DCC++ test track using the Arduino system. I have three DCC locomotives, but haven't the money or time yet to build a DCC layout for them. The DCC++ setup is just for practice/testing/programing. So for now it's just a DC layout with DC locomotives.
  2. wvgca

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    yes, you can run a DC designed layout with a DCC power supply ...
    for safety, don't run both at the same time, and try to seperate the DC and DCC locos ..
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