Con-Cor Hudson performance

yankee_boy Aug 15, 2000

  1. yankee_boy

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    Hello all,
    I was wondering if anyone has ever made any modifications to the Con-Cor 4-6-4 Hudson to make it run better. I've got three, and they seem to have this interesting characteristic where they run better in reverse than going forward. Anyone else ever have this happen? Could I reverse the motor or something like that to get it to run better when going forward?
    Thanks for any input,
  2. friscoluvr

    friscoluvr TrainBoard Member

    The problem with all con-cor small steamers is theyare all weight biased towards the rear. If you were to take just the engine(minus the tender) and put it on a beam you would find that the engine will balance just after the rear driver. This means the front of the engine needs lots of weight and I have found that if you remove the headlight completely and stuff maleable lead into the front of the shell you will get a better weight distribution. Hope this helps!


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