Con-Cor 53' Intermodal Containers

JDG Sep 25, 2012

  1. JDG

    JDG TrainBoard Member

    Well I was looking around for some 53' smooth side containers and it seems all I can find are those made by Con-Cor. How are these quality wise? Do they have removable roofs and how do the mate with other manufacturers (KATO and.or DI)? Looking for some for a repaint project. Thanks.
  2. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    Quality wise....not that great. I bought some as stand-ins since they're the only factory-painted J.B. Hunt 53ft container available at this time. They do have removable roofs. They don't "mate" with other manufacturers in the sense of connectors that hold/guide them together, but they otherwise line-up pretty closely with the Kato's, for example, at the stacking posts. (I don't have a 53ft DI to check)

    Major issue is the crazy rivet detail. Other things like the nubs on top to stack with other CC's. (easily fixed) I honestly haven't researched much further to see what else but suffice to say they'll be a quick trade-in if something else comes along.
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  3. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

  4. daniel_leavitt2000

    daniel_leavitt2000 TrainBoard Member

    These were made by Herpa on contract for Con-Cor. The overall dimensions are Ok, maybe an inch or two wide. The rivet detail is redicilous, however. They are the size of golf balls. I also can't locate a prototype for the rivet pattern.

    The container pins are annoying as they do not match anything else available. Minitrix, Kato, Micro Trains, Walthers, Arnold amd InterRail all used the same standards. DeLuxe and Con-Cor seed their own standards, with DeLuxe not using any pin standard at all.

    Getting back to the model. You need to fix the pins, remove the rivets and replace them with either Scribed lines to simulate a Duraplate trailer (like the ones JB Hunt used) or use fine Archer rivets to simulate a sheet-post box. Both are a lot or work and require a full reprint and decal of the model.

    I expect Kato will release this style container in the future for Hunt and Schneider equipped well cars.
  5. Traindork

    Traindork TrainBoard Member

    Got some of the new run of the Con Cor 53' Schneider containers today. I'm very impressed. They did a great job on the paint job, and they fit nicely in my Kato Maxi IV cars, and match very well with the Kato containers. They look impressive rolling by on my intermodal trains!
    I'm looking forward to more containers from ConCor, and will not hesitate to pre-order more.
  6. jagged ben

    jagged ben TrainBoard Member

    Considering that no one else has done a Schneider 53' container in N scale, the Con-Cor model is a good stand in. Wish I'd known they were coming. The price is a little high if you missed out on them at woo woo woo, which I did.
  7. bman

    bman TrainBoard Member

    I've looked at a few of the Schneider ones that came out a little while back. They are decorated nice. The rivet pattern looked to be still there but if one is not worried about it then it's a nice stand in. I've picked up several undecs cheap over the years to use for Hunt boxes. Just gotta get the "to do" list short enough to loose the rivets and scribe away.
  8. Jim Reising

    Jim Reising TrainBoard Member

    I get the feeling this run is better than the originals; I snagged some Hunt Intermodals but due to other commitments haven't done anything other than unpack one set and try them in Kato wells. If I were home (in the middle of winter vacation) I'd get some pix - ask me in a couple weeks :).
  9. tehachapifan

    tehachapifan TrainBoard Member

    I have a few from older runs and, while I consider myself a prototype stickler, I find these to be very decent looking. That said, my prototype-sticklerness has not yet extended into containers very much. Perhaps I would feel differently if it did. I have found the paint finish and markings on mine to be exceptionally good. My BN America, CSX and JB Hunt containers are beautiful. Regarding the incompatible interlocking pins, I just run these together with other CC containers.
  10. baldylox

    baldylox TrainBoard Member

    I've said it before, affordable option with good looks is a DigCom Designs. Yes it's papercraft, but when done properly I feel the look better than all my others from the plethora of brands I see at train shows. Best of all, cost 5.95 for pre weathered style and I can print hundreds.

    I found them them when I saw a fellow online building a huge yard and needed hundreds of them for stacks. His kato umax vs the digcom umax side by side for a "guess paper VS plastic" contest and mostly everyone picked wrong.
  11. bman

    bman TrainBoard Member

    I've heard good things about DigCom Designs. I still need to try them out though.

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