COLORFUL SPEEDERS! Wild railcars from fallen flags!

DJ of DJsTrains Nov 13, 2022

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    Speeders and most other forms of MofW equipment that operate on the track are designed not to activate track circuits. MofW equipment DOES NOT operate on signal indications. Back in the 'olden days' they operated, protecting themselves, on train information that was supplied by a 'Track Car Line-up of Trains', which provided appropriate information on trains that 'could' be expected to operate over a track segment - MofW would 'do what they could' based on the 'Line-up'. Speeders are designed that two men can easily remove them from the train at designated locations or at road crossings.

    In the late 1980's the Class 1's migrated from the Timetable & Train Order form of operation to the specific Train Authority type operation that is now in effect on non-signaled territory. That change in the method of operations also ended Track Car Line-up's for MofW Equipment, instead MofW personnel would get specific authority to occupy specified track(s) between designated points with time limits. The change in the method of operations was brought about by the universal use radios in all facets of the operation, both MofW and Trains as well as the adoption of CADS (Computer Aided Dispatching Systems) by the carriers in both distributed and centralized operations.
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