Cold storage for Cold january

kevsmith Jan 15, 2021

  1. kevsmith

    kevsmith TrainBoard Member

    So time for my ritual task done after the New Year of backing everything up off my hard drives.. In the old days so, long as you kept your negatives and transparencies somewhere safe there was little chance of losing things totally unless you had some sort of natural disaster affect your house.

    But since we all went digital how vulnerable are we? Computer viruses, burglaries,corrupted drives, mistakenly wiping etc something all mean that all these still and video records could go overnight.

    So I back everyhing up onto cold drives. These are external hard drives that I copy everything on to. In my case we are looking at 33,000 photos including scans of all nags and trannies dating back to 1955 if you include all my late fathers railway photos and god knows how many hours of HD video plus scans of stuff out of magazines like drawings and photos for future projects. And all my MP3 music files so there is nearly 12TB of data in total as of this January, it takes days to back it all up. Also on there are also all the Excel files that list every picture and vido file.

    once done these HDDs are disconnected and put somewhere safe well away from my home office. Mine are kept outside in the loft space in the workshop, wrapped in bubble wrap and kept in a couple of locked old aluminium briefcases

    Fingers crossed I never need to use them

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  2. Hardcoaler

    Hardcoaler TrainBoard Member

    Good advice Kev. Santa gave me a 1TB HD portable drive for Christmas and it's plenty enough for all my junk.
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  3. BoxcabE50

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    I have all of my information triple backed up. Hopefully that makes it fairly safe.
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  4. kevsmith

    kevsmith TrainBoard Member

    Not forgetting Obsolete storage as well.

    I was explaining 5 inch floppy disks to my granddaughter the other day and she thought I was making it up.

    I went through the list of other relics for her

    loading video games off a cassete tape

    cassete tapes themselves

    8 tracks

    Betamax tape players

    VHS tape players, VHS tapes, Compact VHS camcorders

    8mm camcorders

    12" video discs

    Compact flash cards

    Home burnt DVDs. try them a few years later and pray they still work

    I then explained why my Vynil record collection still works, still sounds better than CDs and becomes more valuable every day and why I'm still buying it today.

    Analogue rules

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