Chicago Metra Milwaukee District In Cab Video

Hardcoaler Apr 23, 2018

  1. Hardcoaler

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    Chicago's Metra Commuter Rail system recently uploaded this exceptionally cool cab ride video covering the entire Milwaukee District from Chicago's Union Station to Fox Lake, IL. This is a former MILW line. Just out of Union Staton, that's the former C&NW you see on the trestle above on its approach to Northwestern Station and that's Western Avenue at about 7:00 where you see the MILW's Tower A-2 and the C&NW's "west line' curving and crossing the MILW.

    At 12:30 is Tower A-5 at Pacific Jct. where the MILW's mainline from the west (aka the C&I) crosses. At 21:00 is Mayfair where the C&NW's triple-track Northwest Line crosses. A brick tower once stood to the right, having been removed several years ago.

    At 42:30 we're at Techny, IL and that's a C&NW freight line on that beautiful truss bridge above.

    Rondout Tower is seen at 1:00:00 where the MILW crosses the EJ&E. The pedestrian bridge above is on the former North Shore right-of-way. We leave the MILW mainline at Rondout and proceed up the line to Fox Lake.

    Lots more to see here. My apologies for my references to the old roads - these are how I knew them when I lived in Chicago 40 years ago.

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  2. Kurt Moose

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    Thanks for posting this!! Nice to see where the Milwaukee Road ran they're trains! Seen thousands of pics in my Milw books, MRHA, and all. This puts reality to it all!
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    Found myself trying to mentally back date scenes. Recognized Rondout immediately from many pictures.
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  4. Hardcoaler

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    I think it was on the main north of Rondout near the IL/WI state line where the MILW once posted its famous 'Reduce Speed To 90' signs.

    It remains a very well maintained railroad. My family rode Amtrak between Milwaukee and Chicago several times a few years ago and our train made phenomenal time and rode as smooth as glass.

    Glad that you enjoyed the video. I was feeling a bit of homesickness as I watched, wondering where all of the years have gone. :unsure:
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    Very cool video. Thanks for sharing that.
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