Changing Yahoo Hacked Email Address

WPZephyrFan Jan 24, 2017

  1. WPZephyrFan

    WPZephyrFan TrainBoard Member

    I've recently had my Yahoo email account hacked and have set up a gmail account to replace it. It's the same, wp etc., but I can't remember my password to Trainboard Help!
  2. RBrodzinsky

    RBrodzinsky Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    John, we have no way to find your password. Unlike the very old software, the Admins with permission to those files cannot see passwords. They might be able to simply update your email data, though.

    What browser are you using (since you clearly were able to log in)? There are tools which can view the stored passwords in your browser files - as an example, I use "PasswordFox" for finding all my stored passwords in Firefox. (you do have to turn off AntiVirus for the short time you want to install and use it, and then uninstall. I actually unplug from the network while using the program, for extra safety; then save the output to a spreadsheet).
  3. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 HOn30 & N Scales Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Rick is correct, we have no access to your password. Such days are long gone.

    It has been a while, but there may be a way to recover your password. Click the button which takes you to the log in page. On that page, look just above the Log In button. There should be in red letters "Forgot Your Password". Click on that.

    Also, remember when logging in, put a check in the box to stay logged in.
  4. fitz

    fitz Staff Member

    I think Yahoo is having some real problems, but they have not said anything. "My Yahoo" is all goofed up, and does not resemble what I programmed for its format. It has been like that for about three days.
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  5. WFOJeff

    WFOJeff TrainBoard Member

    Yahoo and ATT couldn't even synchronize my password and they are clueless on what to do when talking to both support teams, odd since ATT software accepted my password change but Yahoo e-mail password is stuck...

    ATT acquired the old Yahoo e-mail system and I had not originally used ATT e-mail when they acquired as my old yahoo e-mail was linked to everything I do...didn't want to originally go change everything 5 to 6 years ago and now very disappointing since the non synchronization software between both companies is locked because of the hack.

    Yahoo makes it sound like they locked PW software on purpose but what is the point if a person was truly hacked and needed to upgrade their PW...I agree Yahoo is going down fast.
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  6. Greg Elmassian

    Greg Elmassian TrainBoard Member

    To the op: If you can get into your Yahoo email, just change the password. That's all you need.

    Then you can recover your password here if you need to.

    The only thing that can be "hacked" on an email account is someone figured out your password... once you reset the password to something someone cannot figure out, you are back in control.

  7. CarlH

    CarlH TrainBoard Member

    It is also possible for someone to hack your email account (on any system) via the password reset process. I don't know what system Yahoo provides for allowing someone to reset a forgotten password, but if any system uses challenge (knowledge) questions, it is vulnerable. Questions such as mother's maiden name, place of birth, first school (and so on) can be answered in many cases. For example, web sites such as can make short work of figuring out someone's mother's maiden name. Web sites that allow users to choose their own questions are even more vulnerable. In general, it is difficult to find questions that only a valid user could answer, but which are also memorable for that valid user.
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  8. WFOJeff

    WFOJeff TrainBoard Member

    Yahoo password reset if you link your account with ATT is completely locked. Yahoo and ATT have no idea how to unlock this feature since they had troubles which is unbelievable.

    So in my case as an ATT subscriber all password reset does inside of Yahoo is change the ATT password in ATT software from Actual Yahoo password reset feature in the Yahoo e-mail link...

    Very Bizarre- so now I use one password to get to my Yahoo e-mail and another one (new) to access ATT when it is the same account.... BLAH

    I personally think they have internal problems between Yahoo management and ATT management and Yahoo has blocked reset feature within that will not extend to ATT.
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  9. WPZephyrFan

    WPZephyrFan TrainBoard Member

    Whoever got into my Yahoo email changed the password to the point that the one I was using doesn't work and AT&T wasn't help after 2 1/2 hours on the phone. I tried changing when Yahoo security was breached, but it always links to my AT&T cell phone page. All I want to do is change my contact e mail from TB to me, but that requires my TB password.

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