Centralia Car Shops Lighting Troubles

scottryan Mar 22, 2014

  1. scottryan

    scottryan TrainBoard Member

    I have purchased five of these passenger cars recently. I cannot get the magnet activated interior lights to work.

    Yes, I have removed the plastic strip from the ends of the cars.

    Yes, I have verified the plastic strip was completely removed from the battery and did not tear.

    Yes, I have completely disassembled the cars and verified the battery is there.

    Yes, I am placing the magnet over the correct end of the car.

    Does anyone have an insight to what is going on?
  2. John Moore

    John Moore TrainBoard Supporter

    Had the same type issue a little over a year ago. Found that the batteries had some type of film or coating of something on them and when I simply took a paper towel and burnished both sides of the battery the system worked fine then. Almost like a fine coat of oil but was very effective in preventing contact.
  3. Pete Steinmetz

    Pete Steinmetz TrainBoard Member

    Sounds like dead or blocked batteries. Test the batteries with an inexpensive battery tester. If bad, you can go to Radio Shack and get bent over for a couple of batteries OR you can go on E Bay and buy a tray of the batteries.

    Look on the battery. There will be a number. Google that number and you will find your choice of vendors.

    Remember, these are very cheap batteries. Do not expect all of them to work. The factory that Intermountain uses to assemble the cars pays only pennies for these batteries. The factories that make these batteries have limited amount of QC.

    I buy this type of batteries by the tray (usually 100 pieces). If I get 70%-80% good batteries, I am happy. That means 20%-30% will be DOA.

    Another reason to buy a tray is if you forget to turn the light off in the car.
  4. Dampfloko

    Dampfloko TrainBoard Member

    I purchased 2 of their cars and had exactly the same problem. I went thru your same checklist and still could not get the lights to function. I finally gave up and run them without lights.
  5. Adrian Wintle

    Adrian Wintle TrainBoard Member

    I've found that you really have to adjust the position of the batteries until they work. Then, like as not, they will move out of alignment when you put the roof back on. I've given up worrying about the lights. The last few I picked up still have the plastic separator in them.


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