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sandro schaer Jun 19, 2010

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  1. sandro schaer

    sandro schaer TrainBoard Member

    i have several red caboose centerbeam cars. due to their design they are really light and tend to derail on long trains. of course there are several loads available out there that add a bit of weight. unfortunately they all seem to be made from balsa. i decided to built my own. several points had to be accomplished :
    - easy to build
    - cheap
    - flexible design
    - add weight and
    - therefore improve tracking of the cars.

    the following pictures will show you how i built my loads. what you need :
    - 4mm balsa
    - 1mm balsa
    - 4mm steel rod
    - ca glue
    - white glue
    - sharp hobby knife
    - steel saw or cutting disk


    first cut the 4mm balsa into stripes 16mm x 137mm. then cut the steel rod into pieces of 136mm.

    then glue the steel rods to the balsa stripes using ca glue

    after that cut the 1mm balsa into pieces which cover the 4mm balsa and the steel rod.
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  2. Flash Blackman

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    Centerbeam Loads - N Scale

    Good thread for building centerbeam loads for N scale flat cars.

    Additional search terms:

    center beam beams flat bulk head bulkhead
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