Cass Passenger Cars

EJM3 Feb 21, 2002

  1. EJM3

    EJM3 TrainBoard Member

    Need some help from you good people. I am looking for pictures of the passenger cars used at Cass Scenic railroad. I know they are modified logging cars but no one makes them in Ho scale. So I may have to try to scratchbuild them. Any photos would be appreciated.

  2. GP30

    GP30 TrainBoard Member

    welcome aboard, fellow mountaineer! I have some shots that are actual camera pics, not digital, I don't have a camera but I can send them to you.
  3. EJM3

    EJM3 TrainBoard Member

    I wouldn't ask you to do that. If you could give me a description like how many windows, panels below the windows. entrances on which ends. That kind of information. If you want contact me off list.
  4. Johnny Trains

    Johnny Trains Passed away April 29, 2004 In Memoriam

    I too might have a couple of shots of the cars. I can snail mail them too, if I can find them! LOL!
    I remember being frozen nearly to death riding in an open car with a roof on it.
    Then we got into a closed car that all I can remember was that it looked like a passenger car from the inside. And, it was on their railfan weekend. We were on the trains 9 and 8 hours. I also remember that the people inside had rosey cheeks, and we had blue cheeks. The really nasty thing was, when they did a couple of photo runbys and people were standing in the wilderness and the train left backing way way back.......the skies OPENED UP. I mean it rained an inch before those people got back on the train. I wonder how many lived through the next week! LOL!
    Let me know if you would like copies if they would help.

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