Can I install Decoder Pro twice ?

308GTSi Jan 30, 2023

  1. 308GTSi

    308GTSi TrainBoard Member

    I'm wondering if it is possible to install 2 different versions of Decoder Pro in my computer.

    I have a Digitrax PR4 which is running OK at the moment. It has the limitation of not being able to run a loco up and down the programming track so I'm never really sure if the loco is actually running properly. The PR4 is attached to its own length of track.

    I also have a Sprog 2 V3. It is not working currently as it has suddenly decided it cannot connect to when starting up Decoder Pro. The Sprog is attached to its own length of track. I want this to work so I can program locos and actually run them up and down the track.

    When I used to connect the PR4 or the Sprog I would always get an error message regarding whichever one wasn't connected.
    Now the Sprog has an error message whether its connected or not.

    Can I install 2 seperate instances of Decoder Pro and set one up with the PR4 and one with the Sprog 2 ?
  2. RCMan

    RCMan TrainBoard Member

    Yes, when you get to the install part asking for the install location, change the name to something different like "JMRI515" showing the version number.
    "JMRI" install alone will be the original install

    Make sure you have the Panel Pro and Decoder Pro Icons on your desktop indicating this difference.

    I have both the 4.26 and the latest test release this way.
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  3. Carolina Northern

    Carolina Northern TrainBoard Member

    A truly helpful post.

    Thank you.
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  4. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    In Linux you can install versions to individually named directories (folders), then use a symbolic link named JMRI that points to the "current" install.

    I don't know if a windows shortcut can do the same thing...
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  5. sidney

    sidney TrainBoard Member

    learned something new Thank You.......
  6. Ash

    Ash TrainBoard Member

    You might try connecting them both to the same profile at the same time. In preferences, you specify which is the throttle CS, etc. But there might be a drop-down on the programming screen to select an alternate CS for programming.

    The benefit would be when you want to add a new loco to the roster -- which would be available for use by the throttle CS.

    I have not tried it with your combination, but that is how it works for DCC-EX.

    Note that DCC-EX has a JOIN function which enables throttle and function commands on the programming track. You can enable it when fine tuning a few CVs, but should not be used when reading full sheet on the CV pane.

    And JMRI supports multiple DCC-EX wifi/ethernet connections for the accessory controller functionality.
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  7. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member


    Okay, now that I have my thinking cap on straight[er]...

    You can set up multiple JMRI profiles in one JMRI install, not just for running vs programming, but multiple profiles just for programming using different command stations too. Different profiles can specify different devices and/or settings, JMRI apps, etc.

    Then you can set up unique desktop icons to run DecoderPro using the different profiles, as well as PanelPro for running trains.

    Or you can just fire up JMRI with no profile specified, and it will open up a window whereby you choose which profile you want to use each time.

    Sorry I didn't fire the correct neuron earlier...

    BTW, is a 308GTSi a single-, bolt-, lever-, pump-action, or semi-auto? ;)
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  8. 308GTSi

    308GTSi TrainBoard Member

    Sorry for the awful slow reply. I'm going to read the Decoder Pro wiki thing to try to understand the multiple profiles under one install ...... it will probably melt my brain.

    The 308GTSi is a mid engine + dog box & gate !
    The only bolt action here is a 303 with a few cordite accessories.
    They're both legal and pack quite a punch. :)
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  9. Sumner

    Sumner TrainBoard Member

    Embarrassing 303 story and sorry off topic......

    ....It's the '60's and I'm a poor college student at the U. of Wyo. One of my best friends though wasn't as poor and had a 16,000 acre ranch that I hunted deer and antelope on for my meat supply. He would loan me one of his guns but I wanted my own so I found a 303 British with open sights for sale for $12 and bought it. Went to the sporting goods store and asked for some 303 ammo and bought it.

    Went to the city dump where everyone would sight their guns in and set up a cardboard box with a target on it. I moved back about 100 yards and couldn't even hit the box. Moved up to about 75 yards and still couldn't hit the box. Moved up to about 50 yard and finally hit the box. Although looking at the bullet holes in the box and a few in the target they weren't round but oblong. The bullets were tumbling. I thought no wonder the gun was only $12.

    Went back to the sporting goods store for advice and told him the problem I was having with my 303 British and the ammo he sold me. He said 'you told me you wanted 303 ammo and didn't tell me it was for a 303 British' He had sold me 303 Savage ammo which were a lot more common there. Not the same ammo. In hindsight I was luck that it was a tad smaller or whatever the difference was and the gun didn't blow up in my face.

    I got a few deer with that gun and the open sights on Dave's ranch but still would usually borrow one of his guns with a scope on it. I don't remember what I did with that guy as I bought a pretty nice 30-06 and started using it.

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  10. 308GTSi

    308GTSi TrainBoard Member

    LOL , I always like the way Americans improvise such as everyone sighting their guns at the dump. :)
    The 303 is dads and it was issued by the Royal Australian Navy. Upon departing service they kept their weapons and ammunition, if required in an emergency come back and bring your weapon. I'm not sure what the ammo weight was, but unlike army issue there was no need for trying to hide your location such as the flash that comes out of the end of the barrel. BTW, these were engine room guys running steam turbines --- with rifles ! I remember he said they were trained that if the ship was boarded shoot the enemy on sight, , if you run out of bullets turn the gun around and use it as a club. I don't believe surrender was in the training.
    So fast forward to 2000 onwards to keep a relevant licence every now and again he has to go to a range and fire a few off. There is a few highly skilled target shooters there ......... and a lot of young guys with their glocks etc showing off how cool they think they are. He said you can always see them looking and mumbling when and old guy with a huge rifle turns up.
    So his usual steps are
    1. Let off a blank with low weight of powder .... it goes "pop".
    2. Let off a live round with normal weight of powder .... it goes "bang"
    3. Put in a cordite R.A.N round ..... It let out an almighty explosion with a ball of orange flame out the end of the barrel about the size of a football ..... the range goes quiet and everyone is staring at the old guy !


    What did I start this thread about ???????
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  11. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    No apologies needed; I appreciate things that go "boom" in an expected and controlled manner!

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