C.P. SD 90 Pulling for United Way.

Operater Oct 1, 2000

  1. Operater

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    Hi Everyone, Sept 30th, 2000 16:25 Hrs.

    A while back I Notice 1 of the C.P.
    SD 90s, 9159 I believe with a Westbound
    Freight heading out of Calgary. On the
    side it Read "Pulling for United Way".
    If anyone sees the Unit. Please do
    Comfirm the Number for me as I didn't
    get a Proper Comfirmation of Number. Saw
    the Train go by but didn't think to
    write Down Numbers etc. Sorry Guys.
    Happy Railfanning anyways.

    Can B reached at - trainoders@hotmail.com

  2. CPRailfan

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    I found this article at CPRail's Web Page>


    CALGARY - Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) today added 4,300 horsepower to the 1999 United Way fundraising drive, with the launch of a new AC-traction locomotive emblazoned with the United Way logo and a simple but powerful message: "Pulling for United Way."

    The "United Way" locomotive, unveiled today at a ceremony in Calgary, is designed to give the 1999 United Way fundraising campaign a powerful boost and a heightened profile in Calgary and throughout Canada, said Rob Ritchie, president and CEO of CPR and chairman of this year's fundraising campaign for United Way of Calgary and Area.

    "As the 1999 fundraising campaign nears the final stretch, it is important to sustain the momentum that has been established during the year by the many thousands of dedicated United Way volunteers and donors throughout Canada. With this new locomotive, CPR is adding 4,300 horsepower to the final drive in the 1999 campaign - a large, powerful and mobile reminder to Calgarians and all Canadians that there is still time to give, and give generously, to United Way."

    CPR's United Way locomotive is its most recently acquired General Motors AC-traction unit, the 60th of 61 4,300-hp locomotives that was ordered from GM last year by the railway and assembled this summer at CPR's Ogden Shops in Calgary.

    Following its launch today, the locomotive will join the CPR fleet in freight service across Canada, with stops along the way in the coming days as a show of support to local United Way campaigns in other Canadian cities.

    "This locomotive is a symbol of the commitment and support Canadian Pacific Railway has made to United Way of Calgary. We are deeply moved and grateful for this wonderful gesture. We hope this locomotive adds a spark to the campaign and gets Calgarians motivated to get us over our $20-million goal," Ruth Ramsden-Wood, president of United Way of Calgary and Area, said at today's ceremony.

    Among those on hand for today's unveiling of the locomotive were the many representatives of Calgary companies participating in the 1999 United Way fundraising campaign. United Way of Calgary and Area has raised $10.4 million to date.

    United Way funds as many as 185 programs in the community. Examples include preventing and stopping of abuse, after-school programs for children, helping people to rebuild their lives and escape the street, assisting newcomers to settle and integrate in the community, and providing a safe haven for women affected by domestic violence.

    To date, CPR employees in Calgary have raised about $212,000 as part of the railway's local United Way fundraising campaign.

    Calgary-based CPR, a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Limited, operates 24,000 km (15,000 miles) of track throughout Canada and in the Midwest and Northeast United States. The railway has about 19,000 employees in Canada, the U.S. and overseas.

    (Canadian Pacific Railway, United Way of Calgary and Area, October 27 1999)
    I hope this locomotive rolls through Milwaukee sometime when I'm standing trackside. I'll be on the lookout for it!

    Your a big CN fan? I don't see many CN's in Milwaukee, but I've seen some CN stack trains on the Wisconsin Central!

    What's that?
    A train horn?
    Sorry, gotta go!
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    Any one traced it latelly? I know it has been doing service between Winnipeg and Vancouver alot, but i haven't been railfanning for a good month now.

    Happy Railroading! [​IMG]

    Dane N. [​IMG]


    Teen Association of Model Railroaders-
    for information, contact Dane N. at Dane_Nicholson@tamr.org

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