Building Union Pacific's N Scale Canyon Division....

Sumner Nov 9, 2019

  1. jimfitch

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    That is exactly the first thing that came to my mind as I looked at the track plan. Spaghetti on steriods.

    Too many tracks running through the same scene - it reminds me of layout design of the ghosts of Christmas past. But you like what you like.

    That happened to me in 1999, was kicked out and a 14x26 foot layout what I almost had all the track down had to get torn out. I was in the poor house for the next 14 years paying child support and putting my daughter thru private school and college that I could ill afford.

    I am currently building up a roster of some N scale trains but my current layout under construction is HO. The HO section of this forum seems pretty dead but I'll post a few progress photot's.
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  2. Sumner

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    I think you guys are maybe not reading the whole post. What the turnouts are for and the track plan shown is the staging area for the rest of the layout and the east and west end of the mainline. A place to store equipment and makeup trains going either east or west on the layout, it isn't suppose to be prototypical of anything in real life.
    If you are referring to the other track plan in earlier posts for the mainline and two towns that is over an area that is about 15' x 20',

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  3. DCESharkman

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    All I can say is what a great start!

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