Boone Scenic Railway needs help.

gcav17 Jul 29, 2019

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    My brother badlandnp and I went rail fanning for a bit today. We saw a pretty cool train over the Kate Shelley just sitting there and then one went by the other way. (U.P. lines were jammed up today because of 4014?) Pretty awesome.
    The we went to Boone scenic and found a young man that is a full time conductor with BNSF and then volunteers at boone scenic. When we asked about the steam engine he informed us that it's in the middle of a 1472 inspection. But Boone Scenic ran out of money. With all the flood damage to the rails (some of the track is washed out) and some inner strife, it sits in pieces in the shop. All it needs now is tubes and flues and the final inspection.
    There will be pictures coming from Badland.
    This is a really unique little railroad and alot of fun. They have some RS locos that still run. An old tunnel motor from U.P. A trolley. And lots of equipment to view. There is a museum and it's pretty cool, but the library is awesome. Lots and lots of books. The link I will provide is for the donation site but there is a tab with tons of info.
    When we got there today there was Alco RS2 #244 From the Looey. Just chanting along waiting to haul its passengers. After he left the picnic train came back. An old F7 from CNW.
    It was a good day and we learned alot and had fun ...
    Have a look at the link and enjoy. Hopefully we can get this steamer running again!

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    Here are some pics of her in her current state as she awaits flues and tubes...... PIC_0410.JPG PIC_0409.JPG PIC_0408.JPG PIC_0407.JPG PIC_0404.JPG PIC_0402.JPG
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    And a short video, it seems kinda sad and beautiful at the same time. A lot of work left to go into her reassembly! And cash!

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    I love the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad. Keeping a piece of the old Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern trackage alive, and you are correct that they have a lot of fantastic locomotives, rolling stock, and literature. I highly recommend a visit to anyone in the area. I wish them the best with their work on their steam locomotive. It is a unit built in China, one of the last built in the 1980s, I believe. Also, check out their Minneapolis & St Louis Alco RS-1 #244, decked out in the fantastic blue and yellow paint scheme.
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