Best DCC System for G Scale?

The Rocket Jan 17, 2022

  1. The Rocket

    The Rocket Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Looking for the best DCC system to run G gauge layout. What system do you recommend?

    I am running some higher amperage units, such as the USA Trains twin engine GP-7 which requires a 10 amp system. Looking also for a decoder that will run control and sound.

    Layout is a double loop that measures 27' x 28' and has several switches. When you need that kind of amperage it gets very confusing as to what system will wok the best.
  2. RCMan

    RCMan TrainBoard Member

    I would go with either NEC or Lenz. Both have 10 amp Boosters for the power hungry Large-Scale engines.

    For Decoders your best options IMHO are Lenz, Zimo, TCS G8 or Wow 501 series, Digitrax and many more international DCC companies.

  3. The Rocket

    The Rocket Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I have an NEC PowerCab starter set that I bought several years back for HO scale and didn't end up using it. I am also building an HO ceiling layout in a different room I planned to use it on. Perhaps I should buy a 10amp kit and keep them the same. That way my old brain only has to learn one system? There are a couple manufacturers there for decoders that I don't recognize. Will have to do some research. I would very much like to have sound as well as control, so no matter which way I go, it won't be cheap I am sure.

    Thanks you the advice Dennis!
  4. Trains

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