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Ryan Wilkerson Sep 9, 2000

  1. Ryan Wilkerson

    Ryan Wilkerson TrainBoard Member

    I haven't found a really good NS archive for engine pictures. I've gone to a few links that were posted but most have only a few pictures of each model. I'm sure someone has built a great site, anyone care to share the link? Thanks,
  2. Justin May

    Justin May TrainBoard Member

    Finding pics of NS equipment is not at one and all comprehensive site, you just have to know where to look. Here is where I find the info:

    And here are some more, for info on anything worthwhile:

    And best of all [​IMG]

    Also buy the books NS Motive Power Review 1982-1994, 1995 Motive Power Review, and The Rosters for 1998-1999, and 2000- most are printed by Withers and sell for 25-30 bucks a piece, but well worth the money.

    Have a good one, Justin May

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  3. tunnel88

    tunnel88 TrainBoard Member

    Excellent point, not all the information is at one site. Lucky for us BNSF modelers we have which does a very good job listing and showcasing different sources...

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