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Nick_Burman Sep 3, 2021

  1. Nick_Burman

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    I would like to know if anyone has ever modified the Bachmann turntable to improve its looks and could share a few pictures?

    Cheers NB
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  2. Mr. Trainiac

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    I think the most glaring issue with the Bachmann turntable's cosmetics is its lack of depth. Having it work with, and therefore be at the same height as, EZ track was pretty creative, but not having a very deep pit throws things off. The Bachmann turntable is really designed to be used with EZ track. If you are building a permanent layout and have your heart set on a realistic turntable, I think the Walthers model is the way to go. I think modifications to the Bachmann turntable are possible, but only so much can be done to it, and eventually you might as well get a different model.

    If I were to make upgrades, the first thing I would do is make some girders for the sides. Most turntables follow a deck girder design, but I have seen some through-style as well. This may alleviate or at least attempt to hide the shallow pit if you go with a through design. Right now, it just seems like a utilitarian design (basically a slab with two rails), rather than an accurate model of any railroad equipment.

    A little paint goes a long way as well. If you can disassemble and paint the model without messing up the functionality, a bit of concrete-color paint on the bare plastic will spruce it up a bit.

    You may also want to bury the tracks around the perimeter, a bit like street running. The way that the model is designed right now will make this very easy to do. Most photos of roundhouses I have seen show a compacted dirt or gravel surface, up to or buying the ties.
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