Bachmann RS-3 FYI

Rich_S Nov 29, 2018

  1. Rich_S

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    Hello Group, I recently purchased the Bachmann RS-3 DCC equipped locomotive and ran into a problem right out of the box. When trying to read the decoder information with my PR4 and JMRI decoder pro, it timed out. I placed the locomotive on my layout, set the address to 3 and nothing. I took the shell off to look for any possible problem and did not notice any. I place the loco back on the track with the shell removed and the headlights lit up. The locomotive now responded to the throttle. I Placed the shell back on the locomotive and it went dead again. This time when I removed the shell I also decided to remove the decoder to see if there were any burnt marks or cracks in the traces on the bottom of the decoder and that's when I found the two screws that hold the decoder to the frame were very loose. I tighten the screws, placed the body back on the locomotive and it's been running great ever since. Long story short, if you happen to purchase one of these locomotives and it's DOA out of the box, check the decoder screws.
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    Good to know, Thank you Rich.
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