Z AZL July 2021 New Items Part 2

ztrack Jul 15, 2021

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    July 2021 New Releases Part 2

    EMD E7s – Missouri Pacific!


    The MP E7s are being released as A&B sets. Both the A&B are powered. Two road numbers are available.

    64615-1 MP EMD E7A & E7B 7011, 7011B A - B Set

    64615-2 MP EMD E7A & E7B 7014, 7014B A - B Set

    The EMD E7s feature AZL’s 7mm motor, dual flywheels, metal steps, directional controlled LED lighting, optional front truck with mounted coupler, blackened metal wheels, AutoLatch couplers and they come DCC ready.

    1917 8,000 Gallon Tank Cars – California Dispatch


    915008-1 California Dispatch 8000 Gallon Tank Car CDLX 764 Single

    915038-1 California Dispatch 8000 Gallon Tank Car CDLX 276, CDLX 347 Two-pack

    905008-1 California Dispatch 8000 Gallon Tank Car CDLX 348, CDLX 349, CDLX 762, CDLX 763 Set

    See the American Z Line site for more information on these and other AZL products.


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    Man, I wish that AZL will make these in the Jenks Blue livery for the Missouri Pacific.
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