Z AZL April 2022 New Items Part 2

ztrack Apr 16, 2022

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    April 2022 New Releases Part 2

    ALCO PA1 – Erie!


    AZL has released Erie Alco PA1! Two A units are available.

    64405-1 ERIE ALCO PA1 850

    64405-2 ERIE ALCO PA1 853

    The ALCO PAs feature prototype specific details, 7mm can motor, dual flywheels, directional controlled LED lighting, six-axle trucks with blind middle axle (no flange), blackened metal wheels, traction tires, optional snowplow, optional front coupler cover and are DCC ready. Note, the optional plow and coupler cover are located under the box insert.

    EMD SW1500s – Cotton Belt


    For mid-month, we have two Cotton Belt SW1550s! These will go great with the previously released SP version!

    62717-1 Cotton Belt EMD SW1500 2511

    62717-2 Cotton Belt EMD SW1500 2516

    The SW1500s feature numerous prototype specific details, traction tires, blacken metal-wheels, innovative drive train and truck design, directional-controlled LEDs and AZL’s AutoLatchTM couplers.

    As a bonus, AZL’s Innovation Lab is including two adapters that allow the SW1500 to be retrofitted with Micro-TriainsTM 905 couplers.

    Note: We are advising customers not to attempt to remove the shells of the SW1500s. Doing so may result in damage to the locomotive’s shells.

    See the American Z Line site for more information on these and other AZL products.


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    Holy Moly, that Erie PA is beautiful!:love:

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