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FriscoCharlie Jan 4, 2006

  1. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    This message is for all those who have recently contributed or subscribed:

    Each person that contributes or subscribes receives a personal message from me that thanks you for helping and explains enhancements that we are able to offer you in return for your generosity.

    Also, your RailImages album is marked with the subscriber or contributor symbol.

    Sometimes it takes a few days for me to get this taken care of.

    Due to a problem with my e-mail there is the possibility that I may have missed sending this message to a couple of people (or more). I do not think this is actually the case but it is a possibility.

    If you have donated or subscribed and have not heard from me by e-mail, please e-mail me at

    Thank you!

  2. Joseph

    Joseph TrainBoard Supporter

    Hi Charlie, Actually i'm not sure. I've looked at so many pictures and railfanning topics that maybe i missed your email. I'm just getting used to navigating the site and have finally put my first pic on RailImage.Well I hope to contribute more but at first, for me it is a learning and info gathering exercise.I am in awe of the amount of and high quality of those pics and informative content submitted by such generous and friendly members.

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