Atlas trucks with accumate couplers

Inkaneer Aug 8, 2019

  1. Inkaneer

    Inkaneer TrainBoard Member

    I am thinking of converting my unit trains from MT couplers to Unimate/Red Caboose/ Fox Valley dummy couplers. I have a number of Atlas Roller bearing trucks with Accumate couplers that I would like to use with the Unimate "T" shank coupler. I do not want to use the Accumate coupler if I don't need to. Has anyone successfully attempted this or is this a no go.
  2. jtomstarr

    jtomstarr TrainBoard Member

    I haven’t had a issue with UNIMATE DUMMY- Red Caboose Couplers most of my ATLAS / ROCO, ATLAS / KATO Locomotives have Unimate, Red Caboose couplers on them. I haven’t had an issue with them however the UNIMATE- Red Caboose Couplers are DUMMY Couplers they’ll mate up with ACCUMATE and MT’s. The only thing is you’ll have to lift up one end to couple and uncouple the locomotive or car(s) ACCUMATE and MT Couplers are Compatible. Hope this helps.

  3. bremner

    bremner Staff Member

    Have not tried it for years, they were a direct replacement for Rapido couplers
  4. Ike the BN Freak

    Ike the BN Freak TrainBoard Member

    Under the nest on the Atlas cars they used to have the parts to convert the accumate trucks to rapido trucks. But the body mount couplers might fit over the post of the accumate. I've thought about doing the same for my Atlas 100ton hoppers
  5. DCESharkman

    DCESharkman TrainBoard Member

    I have had such issues with the Accumate couplers on Atlas locomotives and cars that I have mostly replaced them with MT trucks and couplers. I do use the Unimate couplers on my multi-unit locomotive lashups. This is mostly on my F units and my PA and E units. But I have a few big diesels equipped that way too!

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