Atlas board replacement decoders. Connectors

minesweeper May 22, 2021

  1. minesweeper

    minesweeper TrainBoard Member

    Hallo folks,
    I got a couple of board replacement decoders for HO ATLAS/KATO models, similar to the one in the picture.
    I noticed these have some kind of male connectors on the board, my models (KATO/Stewart F3 and a ATLAS/KATO RSD) do not have these connectors, or if they have it is only on the motor wires.
    Since these are 6 function decoders, I was looking if I can get the appropriate female connectors so that when I will wire the additional lighting (being six functions, I can add quite a lot) I will easily be able to separate the frame from the body iwithout the need of a complicated additional board and connectors layout.
    I tried on the spare parts list for my models and obviously there is no mention of these.
    Can anyone point me to some suitable ones?
  2. 7dmack

    7dmack TrainBoard Member

    The only connectors I've seen used on board like that is a plastic clip that slips over the tab and holds the wire in the hole in the tab. The clips are small squares with a little notch in one side so the wire insulation is not damaged. You might be able to make something from square styrene tubing or find another modeler that solders the connections and doesn't use the clips. Mine have all gone in the trash when I solder the connections.

    If removing the shell is required, do a search for micro connectors. Every so often there is a discussion about them on brass steam repower forums but I've never used them. I don't think there is anything available from an electronics source that will just clip onto those tabs.
  3. woodone

    woodone TrainBoard Member

    I am sure most people solder the wire to the tab. You might ask to see if anyone saved any? I for one might a
    have a few, but most make a quick trip to the trash, just like the rest of the people doing installs.
  4. minesweeper

    minesweeper TrainBoard Member

    So soldering it will be....

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