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Pastor John Dec 8, 2020

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    Wow. A very nice, positive story!
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    The few times I rode Acela between WAS and BOS was equally as comfortable as described in this article. The only excitement was passing another Acela while we were travelling at 150 mph. The compression "bang" against the windows caused by a combined speed of 300 mph was startling. The Acela was a wonderful experience that I'd love to do again.
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  4. Metro Red Line

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    I rode Acela once, in January 2015 during an extended 5-week vacation to the East Coast. I rode nearly the entire route, from Boston (Back Bay Station) to Washington Union Station.

    Honestly, it was a mixed experience. On the positive side, it was the smooooooooothest passenger train I've ever ridden in in the United States, and weeks before that trip I rode on a cross-country Amtrak trip from Los Angeles to NYC via the Southwest Chief/Lakeshore Limited. So it was a nice change of pace from the sometimes bumpy, constantly-swaying motion of a conventional passenger train. I was on the Acela for 6 hours, but it definitely felt shorter than that. The cars were clean, there was WiFi, and (I'm also a musician), I even wrote a song on my laptop while riding the train.

    On the negative side, there was some issue with the air conditioning vent on top of me that dripped condensed water on my seat table. I couldn't find an open window seat anywhere else on the train to move to so was pretty much stuck there the rest of the voyage. The only thing I could do was wipe up the water with paper towels from the restroom or cafe car. I mentioned this on Amtrak's Twitter (I had tweeted my excitement about riding on Acela for the first time) and they just asked me for the car number and the assurance that they would "look into it."

    Incidentally, when I arrived in Washington, I immediately took the Washington DC Metro to my hotel, which was in suburban Falls Church, VA. I remember hearing these PA announcements about a couple stations being closed; I thought there was some criminal activity or other issue; turns out , after I arrived at my hotel and went online, there was a fire on another Metro line that filled a couple stations with smoke. I heard one passenger died. A couple of friends who knew I was going to DC that day texted me and asked if I was alright. I was safe, but I was definitely on the system while this was all going on. Phew! What an experience.
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