Anyone know this Durham & Southern 2-10-0 "Decapod"?

FlightRisk Jan 14, 2020

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    I saw this picture in a local magazine talking about a man named G.B. Alford who was instrumental in founding my town and bringing the RR here. The magazine showed this picture. I don't know a lot about trains and their history but see that it is #200 and it is from a "class" 200. But on a data sheet is also says "road number 200". Is that its route? So that is confusing. Just a coincidence I guess that both numbers are the same. But info below says only the 202 was made for an American line. So how was the 200 running between Durham and Dunn NC? Can anyone help me with the history of this train. Looks like it and the 201 were built in May 1930, how the D&S line worked, etc? Looks like it ran at least into the 1950s. Whatever you can steer me to is great. Thank you.

    From here:

    "Data from Baldwin data cards for two orders for Class 12-42-F, 20. See also DeGolyer, Vol 77, pp. 600+. Works numbers were 61350-61351 in May 1930 and 61749 in September 1933.

    Exactly duplicating the Baldwin light Decapods (see, e.g., Locobases 1396-1397) that had gone into service in several southern roads during the 1920s, these were the first D & S locomotives that were ordered directly by that road. (One other note: the 202 was the only steam engine Baldwin delivered to a North American customer in 1933.)"

    And here:

    They list more information and pictures
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    I am not familiar with the railroad, but the 2-10-0 is indeed of the "200 Class," and the number 200 would indicate that it is the first of a series numbered from 200 up to the last one in the class. They are all American locomotives, made to run in America. Your second link leads to a table of locomotives and there are some that include photos, one is the 202. Good looking locomotives.
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    Thank you! It is a good looking locomotive. I am learning more about the rail line as well as the train. It apparently had design flaws. All those wheels with too much speed would tear up the tracks. And it could overheat so was relegated to medial sized work.
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