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Stourbridge Lion Nov 3, 2005

  1. PRR1957

    PRR1957 TrainBoard Member

    Missing films :-(

    I wish I knew where some old 8mm films went. There was film of my father, grandfather, and uncle on those films. They were all together at an intersection where the train depot is. This was taken in the late 50's I believe. Nice train being shown too. If I knew who had them I could maybe get stills to post. I'll have to start calling relatives to see if anyone knows something about this.

    I have some stories, but perhaps those would be better left to an email if any are interested, rather than type a novel here. *chuckle*

    I'm going N scale. There is a fellow here on the board trying to help me out. If I get something going, I'll try to post photos. Maybe we can get this PRR forum a little more active :)

    Blessings and best wishes to all.

    Pastor David J. Kress, Sr.
  2. eric220

    eric220 TrainBoard Member

    Welcome to the world of N Scale PRR modeling! (I guess that also means welcome to the posse that's planning to invade PCM for their M1's.) I've been modeling the PRR in N Scale for awhile now, although I still don't have the room to build the layout that I really want to. I'd be happy to help out in any way a can.

    Happy modeling!
  3. nstiesi

    nstiesi TrainBoard Member

    I'm a little bit bummed.....I got into this hobby because I wanted to set up a PRR congressional/Senator....which I kind of did, in HO scale.

    Trouble is that I have realized that N is much more space friendly....and I got a REALLY good deal on a B&O loco as my first N scale I will be doing the Capitol Limited instead.

    I'll get to the Congo one day.....
  4. benbreeze

    benbreeze New Member

    i grew up in north western pa..warren to be exact..i have a keen interest in the chautauqua branch of the pennsy..which itself did not to through warren but we had their E/W route..chautauqua branch went form brocton ny near dunkirk to corry pa where it met the E/W line..i remember the otts tower on the south side of warren by seneca lumber and wanted to be the guy who worked the switching tower at night..the tracks there went across a bridge to united refining and i believe E toward bradford not sure how i may ever find this spot on the board again , but i have many a fond memory of the parr and the nyc valley branch in warren in the 50s and 60s..hi to all the pennsy and dav&p fans too..the dolly V is my baby/benbreeze

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