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BrianS Apr 15, 2000

  1. BrianS

    BrianS E-Mail Bounces

    Flipping through an old issue of TRAINS, I came across an interesting photo. On page 28 of the June 1997 issue, it shows the Cardinal with an F40 diesel, Heritage baggage, and four Superliners. Although I can't tell for sure it appears to have two coaches, a lounge, and a sleeper. This past summer I rode the Cardinal and it had two Genesis diesels, two heritage baggage cars, a transition sleeper, two regular sleepers, a diner, a lounge, and three coaches. On the return trip, there were two more coaches that were chartered by a group of teachers going west on a research trip. Now, I will grant that I rode the train in July and the TRAINS photo shows a Feguary consist, but surely that lenght difference can't be attributed to seasonal change alone, can it? Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions on this one guys?
  2. throttlejock

    throttlejock TrainBoard Member

    Sorry I'm not knowledable on that train. I know the Starlight goes from 13 cars during prime time and usally 10 in off peak. Dropping a sleeper and 1 to 2 coaches. The Starlight is now back to 13 cars having been at 12 for a month or two.
  3. Maxwell Plant

    Maxwell Plant TrainBoard Member

    Part of the reason you'll find different sized Amtrak Trains is because most are RESERVE trains. They base what is in the consist on the reservations made. Of course they make allowences for people who make a last minute trip without the reservation. On another note, I was suprised to see F40PH #302 on the point ALONE of either the South Bound State House or Anne Rutlage today. She's still looking good wearing Phase III paint. She zoomed by me just North of Lincoln, IL. at 4:15PM CDT right on the STA! Waiting in the hole was the North Bound Texas Eagle which arrived at 4:05PM CDT. It's become one of my regular things to watch on my day off. I've got a nice spot to pull off Old US-66/BUS I-55 right at the Home signals for the passing track. Both trains were hauling a sizeable consist. [​IMG]

    RAILROADING-TO-THE-MAX, Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Style!
    Brent Tidaback
  4. reggierail

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    I have ridden the Cardinal in early October Eastbound in 98 & 99. In 98 there was just 1 sleeper, diner, lounge & 2 coaches. In 99 the consist was the same except there were 2 sleepers. Part of the reason could have been I had a whole sleeper reserved for my rail tour. Reggie
  5. reggierail

    reggierail E-Mail Bounces

    As an after thought on my previous post, the meal service on the second trip with 2 sleepers was 100% better than the first trip. I believe the dining car is a service to the sleeper passengers & a convenience for the coach passengers.

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