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ChrisDante May 28, 2000

  1. ChrisDante

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    Amtrak posts gains in riders and revenues

    Amtrak rolled up increases in both ridership and revenues in this year's first four months.
    Ridership was up 3.4% over the corresponding period last year, to more than seven million
    customers. Revenues reached $638 million, an 8% improvement. Mail and Express was the
    railroad's star performer, with business up 35% to $40 million.

    Among the long-distance trains reporting improved business were the New York-Chicago Three
    Rivers, with ridership up 10%; the Chicago-New Orleans City of New Orleans, up 8%; and the
    Chicago-San Antonio-Los Angeles Texas Eagle, up 11%. In the corridors, ridership was up 38%
    on the Capitols (Sacramento-San Jose-Oakland); 18% on the Cascades
    (Eugene-Portland-Seattle-Vancouver); and 4% on the Metroliners (New York-Washington).

    Amtrak said that on the Boston-New York-Washington Acela Regional trains which it introduced
    Jan. 31, ridership was 33% higher than on the trains they replaced.

    When in doubt, empty your magazine.
  2. BC Rail King

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    I noticed the Cascades had an 18% gain, I am not suprised. Amtrak has taken all the right steps to promote that train, and their effort is paying off!

    Happy Railroading!

    Dane N.

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    I just heard some scuttlebutt that the San Joaquin will add an early morning departure to Sacramento. Anyone heard about that yet. Reggie


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