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kaydini Jan 12, 2009

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    I'm presuming the places listed by the assistant conductor positions would be the "assigned crew base," but because the word assigned is mentioned, I'd like to verify that before I seek to apply and consider relocating to New Orleans. (Or Pontiac, MI, but I'd rather live in a destroyed city than a cold/ industrial one.)

    So- where are the crew bases for Amtrak? Can I randomly be assigned to any of them?

    Is this an extra / spare board, when you initially sign up as an assistant conductor?

    How long might it take an individual to work up to locomotive engineer?

    I'm currently a Greyhound extraboard driver, but have not been so for even my 90 day's probation. However, I think this experience and others would be appreciated by the railroad, and it might be better pay to do this, and better not to have to drive a bus, or be with that clientele.

    What do you feel about this? Thots? :we2-policeman:
  2. Hytec

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    Hi Kaydini, welcome to the Trainboard, we're happy to have you aboard.

    I have no knowledge of Amtrak's organization and crew basing policies except as a frequent passenger on the Crescent (19/20). The Crescent's crews were based both in New Orleans (NOL) and in New York (NYP), at least as late as 2004, the last time I rode. Also, I believe the City of New Orleans (58/59) crew said they were based in NOL the one time I rode it to CHI.
  3. ryfly

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    Yes there is a crew base in New Orleans. Yes you will be hired onto an extra board as an assistant conductor. Senority is based on start/physical date and is national. So if you want to move to different crew bases it could be possible based on how "old" you are in the company. You can move up to Engineer in as little as a year based on the company needs. As an extra board employee you'll be entitled a 40hr pay week guarantee as long as you are marked up 6 days per week and don't drop or miss any calls. Watch to find possible positions.
  4. Kevin Anderson

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    When you aplly online to the posting it is for that crewbase that is listed. As a conductor on Amtrak you have national seniority which lets you move around the country at your own pleasure. You will start out as an Assistant Conductor (brakeman). After six months you will be eligible for promotion to conductor. You will start out on the extraboard and then as people retire and you move up the seniority roster then you can hold a regular position. It took me about three years on the extraboard before I could hold regular in SLC. To become an engineer all you have to do is apply, take the test, and get through the interview process. If you do well then they choose you. Could be as little as a year could be more. Depends upon if you want to move to another location and the number of positions and applicants. Hope this helps.

    Also there are lots of crewbases across the country. Depending upon the train and state. If you want more info feel free to PM me.

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