AML GP60, Aristo Mikado Quartering, CamPac Offerings with Guest Colin Camarillo “Large Scale Live”

MrPictovid Jan 29, 2023

  1. MrPictovid

    MrPictovid TrainBoard Member

    Be sure to tune into the latest live stream tonight Sunday 1/29 at 7PM Eastern. We'll be taking a closer look at the AML GP60 with our guest Colin Camarillo of Camarillo Pacific Railroad/CamPac. We also have a GP60 taken apart so we can get up close and personal with it. In addition to that we'll also be looking at Colin's latest CamPac offerings and Nico will be showing us how to properly quarter the wheels on your steam locomotive. We of course will have the usual news, updates and even a giveaway item.

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