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ppuinn Aug 9, 2007

  1. ppuinn

    ppuinn Staff Member

    I have edited several of my blog entries and have encountered a problem re-establishing links within several of them.
    Entry 24 is one example.

    I would like to establish a link with my stickied helix calculation thread in the Layout Design forum. When I highlight the text to be linked and click on the World/Link icon at the top of the entry editing/composing window, I get a 404 error message and cannot set the link.

    I thought it might be a problem with that particular entry, so I copied the text, deleted the entry, opened a new entry and pasted the text into it. When I tried to re-establish the link, I still received a 404 error message... which suggested to me that the problem was with the blog entry composing and/or editing templates. So I opened a new entry, and composed new text (instead of pasting previous text). In this case, I was able to highlight text, click the World/Link icon and establish a link. However, after pasting the rest of the document, I was not able to establish other links (same 404 error message).

    1. What is a "404 error message"?
    2. How do I avoid it?
    3. Is cutting and pasting causing the problem?
    4. Is there a limit to how many links can be on a blog entry page?

    Below is the paragraph with the text, "here", in bold that I want to serve as the clickable link to the LD forum thread. In the actual blog entry, I'll want 'here" to show in red-orange like typical clickable links, and not be in bold. The URL info is in blue and, in the actual blog entry, I'll probably show it but only so it can be copied and pasted into an address window in case the link fails or the viewer wants to put it on their favorites.

    The design process has 3 Steps:
    Step 1: Determine the critical values for several helix dimensions on your layout.
    Step 2: Enter the values in Table 1, An Excel Table for Calculating Dimensions of a Bowl-Shaped Helix, linked here.
    Step 3: Read the automatically calculated results from Table 1. Continue to adjust critical values until you achieve the optimal combination for your layout.
  2. okane

    okane TrainBoard Supporter


    The 404 error is described from Wikipidea as follows;

    The 404 or Not Found error message is an HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server but either the server could not find what was requested, or it was configured not to fulfill the request and not reveal the reason why.

    404 errors should not be confused with "server not found" or similar errors, in which a connection to the destination server cannot be made at all.

    So we will need to have Charlie look into the reason why in this particular case with in the application this is happening,

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