Adding DCC++

Tim Holmes Jan 3, 2021

  1. Tim Holmes

    Tim Holmes TrainBoard Member

    Hi Guys:

    Im currently running an NCE Power Cab, I will soon be adding JMRI to handle turnouts, programming, signaling etc, etc, etc

    Is DCC++ something that I should look into, Is it compatible with my NCE unit, and can it be added conveniently at a later date, or do I have to do it from the start -- I should note that I have absolutely no interest in using my phone as a throttle -- I have the hammerhead for that

  2. S t e f a n

    S t e f a n TrainBoard Member

    As far as I know (not an expert, but I have both an NCE Power Cab and a DCC++ Arduino) you connect one OR the other to your layout, since they are both DCC base stations. I am not aware of a way to connect both at the same time.

    DCC++ works nicely with JMRI. I think you could use an NCE USB interface to connect the NCE cab to a computer running JMRI.
  3. french_guy

    french_guy TrainBoard Member

    I'm in the same situation.....I have a NCE PowerCab, but right now playing with DCC++EX and JMRI
    You can't use both at the same time (they do the same thing actually, with some variants)
    I can switch from PowerCab to DCC++EX and vice-versa with a relay board (but a simple DPDT switch would be enough)

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