SOU ACL/SAL/SOU? Help in Charleston, SC

swampfox320 Aug 13, 2013

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm researching the rail lines in Charleston, SC and while using Google found this...

    chs1.png chs2.png

    I was actually trying to figure out where the Southern coal docks were located and thought maybe this was it, but to be honest, I have no clue. I assume it isn't high enough for coal docks but thought it very interesting, especially with that structure out on the little island. Anyone know what this was? Also, if this isn't the coal dock, does anyone know where I could find a picture or a map with it?

  2. mr.dean

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    Trying not to mix my facts here.. but I think what you are looking at is what is left of a wye that helped turn trains around before the turntables were added downtown. This wye's tail end jutted out into the Cooper River. The land use to come out a bit further a 100 years ago. That building might be the old jail house, but I am not sure on that. I have seen a really good aerial photo of that wye in the past but haven't been able to find it in recent years. Some of the other Southern/ACL/Seaboard experts will be on here soon enough to give input!
  3. carnellm

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    Actually that is indeed the coal dock. There used to be (way back) a huge tipple attached to it to tip the coal from the cars into the waiting ships. That is gone as is a lot of the rest of the building structure and the track. All of this is just north of Magnolia Cemetery. It is all private property and a chemical facility. Trust me when I tell you I know that they do not like you taking pictures around there. As well, the only real way to get to and see this old coal dock is from the water. And of course easily seen from the Ravanel bridge.

    In that same area there are a lot of the old SOU building still standing. While they are behind barbed wire, a lot can be seen from the road. Basically you are talking right about 1600 Meeting Street.

    SOU CHS Coal Dock.jpg

    Here is an article from the Post & Courier -

    And here is one from another website -

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