Acela sighting in Washington, DC

eddelozier Mar 31, 2000

  1. eddelozier

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    I have a office that faces the Amtrak, electrified eastern main line, running up the coast from Washington, DC.
    Was lucky to be watching today as the Acela came quietly by going south, around 11:30 AM. Do to contruction on the New York Ave. bridge, which goes over the railroad, the Acela had to give several blasts of the horn.
    The horn didn't sound very good? It almost sounded like a auto horn! Does it have a strong sounding horn or was the engineer just being easy? It sure ran quiet.....
    Also is the Acela now running regular runs or was this sighting just a chance sighting?

    By the way, the bridge construction over the main line is getting interesting. They are not too far away from working over the power lines. They will work at night by the looks of all the lighting equipment. I have thought about going into work early and maybe getting some good photos under the lights.

  2. reggierail

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    Rode extensively in the NE corridor early April & saw Acela trains on numerous occassions. All had test cars in the consist so I guess they're still testing. Understand revenue service will begin in July??? [​IMG]

  3. Alan

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