About DCC++ and program and read CV of decoder

carlosrf Jul 28, 2019

  1. carlosrf

    carlosrf New Member

    It is possible with Arduino Uno and motor shield, configuration that I have now, read the CVs of a decoder. I do not find the form, since the L298 only has outputs to the main road and programming path, when I test with the Arduino monitor I get a -1 and JMRI says error 308, there is no agreement of the decoding. Therefore I think there is no way to read what was written in the CVs. Is that so? Is there any possibility or project that I can program and read a decoder. Or there is some error in what I manufactured strictly following what was published. Thank you very much, greetings
  2. Onizukachan

    Onizukachan TrainBoard Supporter

    Possibly an error in the assembly of the jumper wires?
    You can read on the programming track no issue.
  3. wvgca

    wvgca TrainBoard Member

    the way it's supposed to be set up is running on the main track, with programming / reading CV value only on the programming track ...is this how yours is set up now??

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