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Switchman Aug 22, 2009

  1. Switchman

    Switchman TrainBoard Member

    There are almost 200 blogs with about 1600 entries. But without clicking on Trainblogs how are
    We to know of a new blog? A new blog entry, or an update to a current blog.

    May I suggest a Sticky in some existing forum, perhaps the “Inspection Pit.” In this sticky members could post information on a new blog, A new blog entry, or an update to a current Blog.

    An example of such a post:

    “Our Mothers have influenced us all our lives. They deserve a special tribute. It is here in my new blog entry. An Ode to Mothers Here is a Link to it;


    It’s just a suggestion for consideration. Maybe it’s a good idea, maybe not. Who knows?

    But we have a lot of great informative and entertaining Blogs and it maybe it would increase
    traffic to “TrainBlogs.”

  2. poppy2201

    poppy2201 TrainBoard Member

    Go to the Main Menu page and then scroll down to Trainboard Special Features.
  3. cwktrains

    cwktrains TrainBoard Member

    BTW, is Mr. RSS just a robot programmed in to the forum, or is he a real member who goes through and posts news?
  4. Stourbridge Lion

    Stourbridge Lion TrainBoard Supporter

    [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Georgia, Verdana]Mr. RSS[/FONT] - Yes, this is TrainBoard's "robot" that brings us RR News from various sites via RSS feeds as well as posts topics in TrainBoard's "TrainBoard Extra" forum. The "TrainBoard Extra" topics include new entries made in "TrainStore New Listing". "TrainBlog New Post", and "RailSeek New Listing".


    If you use these either of these two features (New Posts / 24 Hours), you will also see those topics show up in the listings and yes, they are color coded as show above to help highlight them..


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