A FIRST! A railroad video filmed from a jet ski

DJ of DJsTrains Aug 22, 2022

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    What you identify as the AVL bridge in the early part of the video was the B&O's bridge across the Allegheny River on the P&W Subdivision that ran from Laughlin Jct. past the open train order offices at FY Tower, Etna, Bakerstown and Eidenau and onto UN Tower at New Castle. All positions I worked between the Summer of 1967 and 1970.

    FY Tower was bolted to the side of the bridge near the South end of the bridge. I worked FY in the Summer of 1967 and learned two things. 1. Don't leave your thermos on your working desk when you go out of the office to inspect a passing train and expect to find it there when you return to OS the train. 2. Herr's Island in the middle of the river housed a rendering plant for animal proteins and the production of 'green' hides from the animals processed. In the pre-EPA days of 1967 and 'waste liquid' from the plant was dumped into the river a 6 PM daily. If the Wind was from a Northerly type direction - there was no way you would be able to FORCE your lunch down you throat. It was an accomplishment if you made it from 6 PM to quitting time without retching and gagging.

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