60' container trial - CP in Alberta and Ontario

prbharris Apr 30, 2017

  1. prbharris

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    I understand from Truck News that 'Canadian Tire and Canadian Pacific (CP) have been experimenting with u60-ft. containers and were unloading some on April 26 from Calgary marking their maiden voyage for the intermodal trailer in Alberta...

    The larger containers are currently only [Peter: so far] regulated for use in Alberta and Ontario, and the demonstration of the 60-ft. container in Calgary was the kickoff for its first venture onto Alberta roads...

    McKenna highlighted the non-extendable 60-ft. chassis that was on display at CP’s Intermodal Terminal in Calgary – six of which are currently on the road – as well as the expandable chassis, which goes from the standard 53-ft. length to 60-ft., which takes seconds to expand, which was revealed to Truck News in Quebec.'

    Truck News also say that 'CP had been testing the 60-ft. container for several months prior to its release, including using a prototype on existing 53-ft. containers in an effort to mimic the 60-ft. configuration in transit....CP and Canadian Tire also collaborated to offer the first 53-ft. intermodal container in 1994.'

    So perhaps they are set to hit the US railroads in the medium term. I am still unsure which stackcars they were put onto on the CP though! What cars were used - and how could/should these be replicated in N scale. Are there any pictures or can you give some advice?

    Peter Harris
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    Looks like USDOT mandated states permit 53 foot on interstates and within 10 miles of them. This superceded a lot of states. Though there are some that allow 57, Arizona to Alabama and Colorado and Wyoming.

    Walmart's 60 foot was a 53 and a 7 foot replacement of a sleeper cab to stay inside "maximums" for Ontario.
  3. ecfitzgerald

    ecfitzgerald TrainBoard Member

    I would assume they stacked on top of 53s in the well.

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