5 engines pulling heavy trains!

DJ of DJsTrains Jul 17, 2022

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    Back in the day (late 1960-early 1970's) BLE was notorious for having open top hoppers that had double clasp brakes on each wheel of the car. Locally they were known as 'rattlers' and rattle they did. For whatever the reason, the Yardmaster at Willard more often than not would 'force' a set of rattlers out Eastbound just ahead of the Capitol Limited (pre-Amtrak). Listening to the rattlers bang across the Sandusky Sub. diamond at the Willard station was absolute cacophony. 40 years later when Amtrak was operating 'The Three Rivers' from Chicago to Pittsburgh over the former B&O; the Willard Yardmaster would try the same trick and 'force' a freight train out of the yard just ahead of the Three Rivers. Old dogs repeat old tricks.
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